Rik Tiktaalik and the secret of the Zechstein Sea


Hi, I am Rik Tiktaalik! 

One day I decided to go to visit the Magnesium Health Institute at Spilsluizen in Groningen, in the Netherlands.Being Tiktaalik, you can be sure that nobody else knows better about the importance of magnesium for your health.


Hundreds of millions of years ago, literally we still swam in the three 'Life Essentials' of our 'Premordial Soup', Water, Oxygen and Magnesium. But heck, Tiktaalik wished to find out more about living on the land. Pfooh! Try to walk with your fins! But our fins developed into feet and you owe to it that you can walk.  


And how about the ‘Life Essentials’? Once on the land we needed a smart plan to get and hold water, oxygen and magnesium.


And the solution? Take care of your own Primordial Sea! All cells of our body are living in it. Scientists gave it an odd name: ‘interstitium’. I ‘ll keep calling it ‘my own Basic Sea’! I do know that we have to take care of it very well! To stay healthy and to prevent us from getting old way too early. Next time I hope to tell you how about my visit to the Magnesium Health Institute. Now fingers crossed with my fin-legs that someone opens! 



Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 2  


Luckily the office of the MHI sits right on the waterfront in the beautiful city centre of Groningen. It was quite a struggle to get onto the embankment. But how am I supposed to ring the doorbell with my little fin-paws?
"Rik!" How lucky! Richard Danel, the chairman of the Magnesium Health Institute, is standing in the doorway. He is a doctor and works to get rid of magnesium deficiency worldwide by 2055. He gives lectures on the subject across the entire world!
"How did you get here? I was looking out onto the water and knew immediately that it had to be you. What a coincidence! Come, I will help you cross the street. What can I do for you?"
"Ahem, well, as you know, it started a couple of hundred million years ago. When I started to discover the land, precious layers of salt, rich in magnesium, also started to arise. The purest one is the Zechstein Sea in the northern Netherlands, close to Veendam. That is the solution for every person with a magnesium deficiency. And those are a lot of people, more than half of the current population of the western world! I am here to help you Richard!" High five!
Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 3 
Richard is delighted by my offer. "If there is one person who can explain just how importantmagnesium is for people, it is you!" "That's right! But how will we bring the issue to their attention? We have to appeal to both young and old!"
The doctor and chairman suddenly smirks naughtily. "You might have started to discover the land with your little
fin-paws millions of years ago, but what you do not know yet is that you are also going to discover kiting, swimming, biking, running, skydiving, and who knows what else! Heehee"
Whoopsie! But okay... tell me more! "Haha!" Richard laughs. Making a big gesture, he points to the map of the Zechstein Sea: "You, Rik, you are the living proof that everything is possible as long as you take good care of the magnesium in your own ancient sea. You are going on an expedition: Expedition Zechstein Extreme!" Gosh, who can say no to that much enthusiasm!
"And you will be in good company. Rik Koekoek, the world champion in trial biking, will also take part! He knows everything about magnesium and professional sports. You are in for some training, Rik! Haha! I can see the headlines now: Tiktaalik and extreme sports around the Zechstein Sea!" It all sounds very exciting to me, perhaps a bit too much. Expedition Zechstein Extreme. But then again, that smirk... and it is about showing how important magnesium is for everybody!
Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 4
I am so happy with the Magnesium Health Institute! They are working hard to solve the worldwide problem of magnesium deficiency. And they know where they can find the solution: in Veendam, at the Zechstein source!
They are also taking care of the official papers, so that people can be certain that it is safe and truly comes from the Zechstein source. After all, there will always be people trying to sell fake products. And well, who wants to play with their health?!
Mother Earth has stored her purest magnesium treasure for us in the old Zechstein Sea. It is a world solution that makes everyone happy!
Rik storms in on his skateboard and all things scatter across the floor.
Come on Doc! Let's spread the word: it is a source to be proud of!
Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 5
Look at those bags under my eyes! Another sleepless night tonight. It is because of the itching in my little fin-paws. It seems like they want to move out of their own free will.
Aha! You have got 'Restless Legs', Rik! Restless Legs Syndrome. Many people suffer from it. It is usually caused by the magnesium deficiency that almost all of us have. That is why I am going to prescribe you to take magnesium footbaths. It relaxes you, and restores your magnesium balance!
Mmmmm... lovely! It was quite the puzzle to figure out how to do footbaths as a Tiktaalik. Paw by paw, as it turns out!
But the doctor's suggestion, what a good idea that was! Not even a week after I started, the rest has already returned to my little fin-paws. And I am sleeping like a baby.
Thanks Doc!

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 6

Rik rushes in on his skateboard with a stack of cool stickers. “Woohoo, we are going on an expedition! I am in tip-top shape again thanks to magnesium!”
As a Tiktaalik, I already knew it back when I ventured onto the land: that I would have to take good care of my own ‘Ancient Sea’ with all its Water, Oxygen, and Magnesium.
Athletes as well know that Magnesium is a Must!
So that goes for the Expedition Zechstein Team too! Oh, it is going to be super extreme!
You can take a look here:


But I will take part! Do you know how I am going to help Rick Koekoek and his team?

Have you seen these cool stickers already? They have been placed in awesome spots. Post your own amazing photo on the Facebook page of Expedition Zechstein and receive your very own sticker set!
Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 7
Rik and Santa Claus raise their glasses cheerfully while reminiscing about old times, many centuries ago. “Look at me now”, Santa Claus laughs heartily, “I am still spreading joy throughout the world every year! Ho ho ho! Rik, do you remember when I started living at the North Pole and you told me the secret of the Ancient Zechstein Sea?”  
“Hundreds of millions of years ago already, you started to discover the land there. As a Tiktaalik from the Ancient Sea, you knew that magnesium is very important for your health! It’s great of you to share this with everybody, Rik! Thank you, on Rudolph’s behalf as well!“  
“Haha, that crazy Rudolph, my trustworthy companion throughout the centuries. Thanks to your magnesium he is in such great shape that his nose has started shining! And that is very handy in the dark! Ho ho ho!”  
“We all try our best to make the World a brighter place. With beautiful things: love, happiness, peace, health, and most of all ... with Magnesium!” 

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 8


 “I really don’t get all of my holiday weight gain, doc! I started my new year’s resolutions immediately after the holidays and remembered to take care of my magnesium, as I’m supposed to. How can I lose all of this extra weight?

It’s not that difficult, Rik. I will explain it to you:Magnesium is good, you’re on the right track.But eat less sugar, salt and fat.Even regular food contains way too much.Remember: to measure is to know. When you track what you eat, you know what you eat! Gosh!


I tracked what I ate and it wasn’t great!

I will only have healthy meals from now on.

After all:

You are what you eat!

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 9
Hey! King's Day is just around the corner, and this year the royal family will be celebrating it in Groningen!
It is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the secret of the Zechstein Sea!
As a Tiktaalik, I ventured out of the sea and onto the land millions of years ago. Ever since, I have known about the primal power of magnesium from the Zechstein Sea like no other.
It’s perfect for strong bones, teeth, and loads more if you want to live a long and healthy life, and most of all: if you want to live like a King!
A healthy and relaxing footbath with the purest natural magnesium salt in the entire world, all from the Groninger Zechstein Sea: Mmm, isn’t that lovely Willem, after such a busy day in Groningen?!“It sure is! And it's healthy too! Everyone is allowed to benefit from this unique Zechstein mineral treasure with life essentials found deep beneath Veendam. By Royal Decree!”
Thanks Rik!

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 10


The doctors meet to discuss the major research study of magnesium. The professor states: "We need many participants to be able to compare the different forms of magnesium".

Rik is there as well. He is preparing for Expedition Zechstein. Recently he even started training with mermaids. He secretly likes one very much.
The academics decide to place the MHI poster in the newspaper, to attract participants.
Rik would like to participate. And also to look cool for all the little mermaids. He posts an awesome selfie on Insta.
Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 11

Swimming Paradise Tropiqua! Our poster has already been
put up there.
Now you will be able to share the secret of the Zechstein Sea in Veendam!’
Everyone should know about the purest natural source of health in the world:
‘ancient magnesium' from our own Zechstein Sea!
Rik is up for it, but… ‘Do I have to wear a swimsuit?’
Rik travels all over the world to talk about magnesium.
But never before has he lectured in front of a nudist association.
He is really fond of all the nice people. And everyone bares all.
And phew! He doesn´t need to wear a swimsuit!
Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 12


The flu has hit Rik pretty hard. But thankfully his
friend knows about the secret of the Zechstein Sea:

"Magnesium, Rik! Take a magnesium bath and enjoy
the freshness of nature!”

Rik feels reborn and is already practicing for the
New Year's Dive!

Never forget: Magnesium is a Must!

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 13

Dear MHI,

Someone is claiming that Himalayan salt is even better. How could that be?

“Say Rik, our Zechstein magnesium source at Veendam is officially the purest source in the world, right?!”
“Take a look at this...”

“Hihi, that's Guru Gekko Schrapel. Members of his cult call themselves the “Regenerators” and believe that you can live as long as the Hunza people using Schrapel’s Himalayan salt.”

“Curious as I am, I have actually visited the Hunza people.
Gekko's salt is scraped from the ground in an entirely different place. Even by kids! It’s tinted brown from pollution, but crazy Gekko calls it “enrichment”. Haha! And the magnesium content is actually very low. Fake flakes!”

“The Hunza people are beautiful, and had fortunately never heard of Schrapel’s salt.
They live thousands of kilometres away! Hahaha!
Happy Magnesium and...



Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 14


Rik! The municipality of Veendam is asking whether you want to pose for a statue!

Rik can picture it clearly. He already feels famous, haha! He secretly hopes that his sweetest little mermaid will admire him.

It’s all about the world-famous 'Blumenschau' in Papenburg, Germany. Who else but our own Zechstein Sea hero Rik could be the model for the purest magnesium source in the world?

This summer, Rik will be represented by flowers and will show us how life on our earth ventured onto the land from the ancient sea. And how important the Zechstein magnesium from Veendam is! 

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea. Episode 15


 "Rik storms in while the core team of the Expedition is having a meeting.
"Yoo-hoo, have you made up your minds already? I'm in!" 
You're always welcome, Rik!
As for the rest, we are very curious too to see who else dares to embark on this adventure.  
The team decides to publish the Expedition poster in the newspaper with an invitation: 
Sign up individually or as a team at: info(at)expeditionzechstein(dot)com
Rik's all set!"


By Bernabela & Danel from episode 2 translated by Wesley Pechler - Phrase Perfect