Magnesium loss by drugs discussed on Dutch television

It was with the greatest pleasure, three years ago, that I attended the meeting in Amsterdam, where a magnesium friend, Dr. Anke Lameris defended successfully her thesis about magnesium loss caused by drugs:

Antacid causes magnesium deficiency: Tip of the Iceberg?

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Mineral Matters

Addressing magnesium deficiency in patient population and exploring more effective means  of administration

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Supplement Magnesium: Imagine a bottle with overflow...

On many occasions, like during seminars and workshops, people ask me if, how, how much and how long magnesium supplement is necessary.

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It’s not bad to walk the stairs

As more and more people realize how difficult it is to get healthy food, the food industries found their professor.

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Do you really want to risk your Health?!

As an assessor of safety regulations regarding magnesium salts, I recently ran into this amazing question: “Hello, I was wondering if I can use cheaper magnesium salt like in de-icing salt, for a magnesium chloride bath to soak in?”

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