Magnesium oil; a Dutch solution to a global problem ?!

Jan 14 2016, 10:41 AM

Dr. Richard Danel, associated with the Vancouver based medical company Ultima Medical Services Inc., is responsible for the development of Occupational Health Services, Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Northern British Columbia.


In addition, the Dutch doctor is chairman of the Magnesium Health Institute, which aims to solve the huge but relatively unknown human health threatening magnesium deficiency by 2055.
Initially unaware of the influence on his future career of the geographical location, the Dutch doctor, lived over 20 years on a farm east of the beautiful city of Groningen in the Netherlands.
Right there, at one and a half kilometres deep, was found the remainder of the 250 million years ago evaporated Zechstein Sea, containing a large stock of the purest natural magnesium salt in the World.
Hundreds of millions of years Mother Earth preserved it for humanity and protected it from pollution.
We will really need it.