About Magnesium Health Institute

The Magnesium Health Institute (MHI) researches the improvement of human magnesium balance.

Safety, Regulation and Legislation

  • For help when it comes to questions about legislation and safety rules for magnesium products.
  • MHI issues Safety Assessments for Magnesium products.

Dose, Application and Compound

  • Training & Education of health professionalists.
  • Exensite expertise regarding applications and formulations of magnesium compounds. Specialties Human Magnesium Balance, Magnesium Supplementation, Healthy Ageing

Rik Tiktaalik and the Secret of the Zechstein Sea

  • Rik Tiktaalik's adventures while helping to get rid of the magnesium deficiency
  • Rik is the missing link between our primordial soup and land life
  • After hundreds of million years he reveals the Zechstein mystery
  • Comic by Bernabela & Danel