Do you really want to risk your Health?!

About the importance of verified origin and safety protocol

As an assessor of safety regulations regarding magnesium salts, I recently ran into this amazing question: “Hello, I was wondering if I can use cheaper magnesium salt like in de-icing salt, for a magnesium chloride bath to soak in?”

The good part is that the person cares about his or her health and obviously wants to improve magnesium balance.
Unfortunately, and that’s the down side, the attempt to save some money when purchasing magnesium flakes or magnesium oil, completely ignores the importance of strict rules and protocols in order to guarantee the safety of products that come in touch with our body and vital systems.


Without such guarantee, products may contain elements that might harm us.
For example as was in the news last year: ‘Spokane—Gate’, about ‘industrial grade’ magnesium chloride containing very harmful  PCB’s .
Pollution may find its way to the magnesium salts during production, but contamination is also possible in case of exposure to the open air.
Like salts from the Salt Lakes , Dead Sea or Himalaya, and what to think about  Nigari salts from the Japanese coast line after Fukushima?


When you use magnesium oil or magnesium flakes to restore your magnesium balance, I strongly recommend to always verify the origin of the product and the protocol used to guarantee your safety!


Who wants to risk his health for a couple of bucks?


I wish you all a healthy, happy and magnesium rich 2016!