As I feel committed to make magnesium deficiency a thing of the past by 2055, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across an edition, called Kassa, of the Dutch television channel Vara.

Prof. Rinse Weersma, associated with the University Hospital of Groningen (UMCG) explains the risks of free over the counter available and abundantly used strong antacids. (top 4 of most used drugs)

Weersma also indicates magnesium loss and advocates that the use of those medicines, like omeprazole, esomeprazole, pantoprazole, should be restricted substantially, by making them prescription dependent.

Prof Weersma about antacids and low magnesium

On the latest World Magnesium Conference in Rome 2016, many excellent studies were presented about how chronic magnesium deficiency causes a continuous inflammatory reaction that eventually damages and calcifies many organs and systems in our body.


I share Prof. Weersma’s point of view and wish you all good health.


Be Magnesium Aware!