Supplement Magnesium: Imagine a bottle with overflow...

On many occasions, like during seminars and workshops, people ask me if, how, how much and how long magnesium supplement is necessary.

More and more people are aware of the CLMD (Chronic Latent Magnesium Deficiency) caused by the substantial decline in magnesium in our soil and food by modern agriculture and food processing.

We are aware of the importance of magnesium as one of the three life essentials, together with oxygen and water, and as key role player in most enzymatic processes. We also know that on average there is about 28 grams of magnesium in our body, roughly divided 50/50 over teeth and bones one side and over blood and tissues on the other. But it’s a mistake to think that we can use the magnesium incorporated in teeth, bones and tissues as a buffer for poor times that can be refilled later.

Instead, like water and oxygen, we need a high turnover of magnesium and actually on a significant higher equilibrium than most of us have now.

Happily I met Julia; she made a nice animation to explain:

Enjoy and be magnesium aware!