Written by: Lizet van Triet
Translated by: Wesley Pechler

What are the advantages of massaging with magnesium gel? And why would you advise your client to take magnesium supplements? Doctor and scientist Richard Danel knows the answer to these questions: "It's a mineral that is literally vital for many functions in your body. For properly functioning muscles as well. And in the western world, more than 60 to 70 percent of people have a magnesium deficiency. If you solve that deficiency, it will reduce muscle aches, amongst other things. Just like a lot of other bodily processes that will improve."

The importance of magnesium

It is Dr. Richard Danel’s pioneering mission to eradicate chronic magnesium deficiency worldwide. That is why he founded the Magnesium Health Institute, where he conducts scientific research and has others carry out research as well. He holds conferences, lectures and accredited workshops to help spread this knowledge: "And that is desperately needed, because its importance is still insufficiently recognized - by several of my colleagues as well.”

There are various causes that can lead to a magnesium deficiency: "One of them is the current agricultural technology. The use of artificial fertiliser means that this mineral is found less and less in our soil. In addition, one loses magnesium due to the way
we prepare food, in factories as well. Moreover, our food contains a lot of calcium. That does something to the calcium-magnesium balance: it knocks it out of balance. "An abundance of calcium comes at the expense of the processes powered by magnesium. One of the disadvantages is weaker bones. No other country like the Netherlands and Denmark, where dairy consumption is high and calcium is even added to a lot of products, has so much osteoporosis".

Richard says that our society has become more and more stressful: "Scientific research has shown that the excretion of magnesium increases under stress. In addition, stress also makes it more difficult for magnesium to be absorbed.” The same principle applies to certain medications: "It has been shown, for example, that Omeprazole, commonly used to treat heartburn and acid reflux, results in an increased excretion of the mineral. In case of complaints, magnesium carbonate is a much better alternative to Omeprazole: it even ensures a better absorption of magnesium".


To the question why the mineral is so essential for our health, the expert answers passionately: "The World Conference of the Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium held in Rome in 2016 again showed that in case of a chronic deficiency of this mineral, there is a significantly increased risk of all kinds of disorders. These disorders will occur earlier, be more serious, and will also be more difficult to treat. These include various forms of cancer, specifically of the intestines and pancreas, cardiovascular diseases, and type 2 diabetes. The connection with a magnesium deficiency is firmly established!".

From a scientific point of view, the doctor is very reluctant when it comes to supplements: "Still, supplementation is inevitable if you want to reduce your body's magnesium deficiency. But do pay attention to what kinds of supplements you swallow. Because while there are many kinds of magnesium compounds and supplements, only some are known to be absorbed well by your body. It turns out that the very cheap magnesium citrate is one of the good ones: it has been proven that it is bioavailable. In other words, it is absorbed well by the body. The average dose that a person needs is 400 mg a day." You actually can't ingest too much magnesium, because you will just pee it out again. "Still, too much magnesium can cause a rumbling belly because it overstimulates your gastrointestinal tract. Fortunately, there is an additional route to absorb even more of this mineral. And that's through your skin."

"For masseurs it’s important that they pass on their knowledge about magnesium to their clients: it will promote their health".

"Veendam is the only source in the world where the purest natural magnesium salt, magnesium chloride, is extracted. It is then brought to the world market under strict purity
and safety protocols for human applications. And according to scientific research, this form of magnesium chloride is well absorbed by your skin. It is a perfect addition to your diet and to supplements. If you apply it to your skin, it will end up in your cells right away." The doctor advises people to put magnesium oil on their stomach, armpits and feet and to let it soak in for at least twenty minutes. "A good option is to apply it before bedtime. It will be absorbed well and you will sleep better as a result".

For massages, it is advised to work with magnesium gel: "You will have double the effect: the mineral will be applied directly to where it is needed. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and to reduce muscle aches. Many professional athletes use the oil for their muscles". He also advises masseurs to share their knowledge about supplements and skin application with their clients. "Your client will notice that it improves their health."

During his presentations, Richard often presents a YouTube video that shows the importance of the right balance between the amounts of calcium and magnesium in the body. It was created by the American physician Andrea Rosanoff, scientific director of the Center for Magnesium Education & Research. If you would like to receive the link to this video, please send an email to

To share his knowledge about magnesium, Richard gives lectures and workshops around the world. He will also contribute to the Massage and Complementary Trade Fair in Hoevelaken as a keynote speaker on Saturday, the 14th of March. This fair is accredited by the NGS.  Subscribers of Massage Magazine are eligible for a discount at the fair. To get this discount, go to and fill in mm2020 under 'tickets' at 'promotiecode opgeven'. You will receive a € 5 discount and will only have to pay € 7 for your entrance ticket.

President of the Magnesium Health Institute, Dr. Richard Danel:
"Fortunately, scientifically-based knowledge about the effects of magnesium is growing. Nevertheless, it is not easy to spread this knowledge, as it is unknown territory to many. With advancing insight, more and more doctors and scientists are coming to the conclusion that magnesium is an essential mineral. See for more information, including info about the foods containing magnesium, such as green vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts, cereals and dairy products.