Tip for a boost to your immune system with a clean nose!

It’s not news that your immune system needs magnesium. But did you know that in the fight against corona viruses it helps to rinse your nose with magnesium salt once or twice a day? In addition to a cleaner nose, you’ll get a magnesium bonus!

Firstly, about that clean nose:

  • The salt cleanses your nasal cavities of mucus, dead cells, bacteria and viruses. 
  • By rinsing the growing amount of virus particles away frequently, the risk of infecting others also decreases.
  • It helps to keep your mucus liquid and to keep your nasal cavities open. 
  • If damage has occurred to your mucous membrane, rinsing will promote the growth of new mucosal cells.
  • The cilia in your nose that provide natural drainage of waste matter also need magnesium.

And that bonus we mentioned?

  • Magnesium is absorbed very well by the nasal mucous membranes, and...
  • Magnesium is essential for a well-functioning immune system!

How to rinse your nose, you might ask? It’s a super simple three-step plan:

  1. Forget all those vials, nasal sprays, and nasal rinses like neti pots. Just take a bottle of magnesium oil with you under the shower! 
  2. Spray the oil on the palm of your hand five times and dilute it with water until it tastes like seawater.
  3. Snort it up your nose and repeat this a couple of times. 

You will notice that the magnesium salt stings the mucous membranes a little. If it stings a bit too much, that's not harmful at all, but you can dilute it a bit more the next time.

Wait for about 5 minutes after you get the job done, and you’ll see that your nose will produce a lot of mucus. You can easily blow it out under the shower, along with any waste matter and viruses that you want to get rid of!

Often you’ll have to sneeze as well. That’s helpful too!