"Source beneath Veendam is a world solution".

"Bron onder Veendam is een wereldoplossing"


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Translator: Wesley Pechler

Original: By Joyce Smits


Magnesium, a true “Life Essential”

Magnesium, een echte ‘Life Essential’


“Ik wil de aanwezigen kapstokken meegeven om de kennis die ik overdraag vast te houden,
 toe te passen en over te dragen”
Richard Danel, MD

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Translator: Wesley Pechler


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Op expeditie langs contouren van oeroude zee


An expedition along the contours of an ancient sea

Expedition Zechstein, een 15.000 kilometer lange monstertocht langs de contouren van deze oerzee, moet magnesiumchloride uit Veendam onder de aandacht brengen.Boegbeeld van het evenement is biketrial-atleet Rick Koekoek uit Erica.



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Link between magnesium deficiency and risk for diseases becomes even clearer

Verband magnesiumtekort en risico op ziektes wordt steeds duidelijker

 A heightened risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and more: the shortage of magnesium that we all have in our bodies can have disconcerting results. This is becoming apparent more and more by research performed and ordered by the Magnesium Health Institute (MHI) in Groningen.


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Rik Tiktaalik Fanshop


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Lezing tijdens de Magnesium dagen in Veendam 8-9 september

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Floating in Magnesium Salt from the purest natural Zechstein Source

Levitate in water so salty that you relax completely. This is called "floating" and is possible at spa LOFF in Assen, the first float centre in the Northern Netherlands. The two cabin-baths are filled with particularly healthy salt water. Not just cooking salt, but magnesium salt extracted from the soil below Veendam in the Northern Netherlands.


The article in the newspaper DvhN. Please click on the pdf file below:

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Magnesium oil; a Dutch solution to a global problem ?!

Dr. Richard Danel, associated with the Vancouver based medical company Ultima Medical Services Inc., is responsible for the development of Occupational Health Services, Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Northern British Columbia.


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Opening of Magnesium Centrum 's-Hertogenbosch
Dutch video with english subtitles: